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Hi. My name is Bobo the Clown and clown depression is real.

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When I retired from the Ringworm Bros. Boredom & Brainy Circus, I started noticing that the normies (what we clowns call non-clowns) started acting as if they were living in some sort of alternate reality Clown World. They were normies, not clowns. This disturbed me. Clowning is an elite fraternity of those who have dedicated their lives to absurdity, nonsense, buffoonery, and satire. How dare they encroach upon this sacred lifestyle.

Upon this scary realization, I decided to visit my local clown doctor. She's one of those amazing old-school clown docs. You know the type, classically trained and skilled in such procedures as flat foot transformation, permanent reconstructive clown face surgery, and one of my favorites, rib removal. Rib removal, you may ask? Yeah, it's a little-known secret, but, how do you think we clowns can get so flexible and fit into a 1967 VW Bug? For years many have thought it was strictly yoga, but you try and fit 15 clowns that only know yoga. But I digress.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, I went and visited Dr. Poksie the Clown. I told her what I had been experiencing and she knew exactly what I was referring to. In fact, a new drug was released by Big Clown Pharma and it was the perfect antidote to my condition. She said the pills would help with my recent anxiety and allow me to see the world but veiled in a more clown-like light. As an added bonus, the pills themselves were hilariously large. This was the best thing that could have happened to me. I went from a depressed clown similar to a happy normie to a whole new clown, ready to take the world by the honker, pull it down, wrap it up, and place it right in my pocket.

Clown life was great again.

Now, when I read the news, I saw everything in a much more clown-like light. It was beautiful. It was as if I had a filter of negativity and absurdity blocking my gaze into the world of the normies. It was lifted and I could finally see clearly.

As a result, I decided to dedicate myself to sharing my view of the world and the people in it. It may be a distorted view to non-clowns, but it's my view nonetheless.

I have taken my clown pills. Now you will see what I see. Let's make clowning great again, and don't forget...

It's Satire, Stupid! 🤡

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